terms and conditions

All information provided by us in offers, letters or verbally is based on information given to us by our clients. We have not checked this information. We endeavour to obtain information about properties that is as complete and correct as possible. We cannot accept any liability for their correctness and completeness. Our offers are subject to change, we must reserve the right of prior sale or letting. We reserve the right to act for the other side (buyer/seller, tenant/landlord).

Our offers are only intended for the recipient himself. They are to be treated confidentially and may not be made accessible to third parties. If a contract is concluded as a result of unauthorised disclosure, our client shall be obliged to pay us the full commission which would have accrued in the event of success.

We can only acknowledge possible prior knowledge of our offers within 8 days.

The commission for proof or brokerage amounts to:
Purchase and sale of real estate up to 7.14 % (incl. VAT) of the purchase price, depending on the agreement, half to be paid by the buyer and half by the seller.

Letting and leasing of commercially usable areas 3 monthly rents, irrespective of the term of the lease. In the case of right of first refusal, option right or special right of termination, the commission shall be increased by 1 month's rent. The commission is exclusive of statutory VAT and is due and payable upon conclusion of the contract. If graduated rents are agreed, the average rent, based on the fixed term, shall be used as the basis for calculating the commission. Rent-free periods shall not be taken into account.

Ground rent 7.14 % (incl. VAT) of the land value agreed for the calculation of the ground rent, payable in equal parts by the buyer and the seller.

Pre- or purchase rights 1.19 % (incl. VAT) of the market value, in connection with a letting in addition to the tenant's commission.

Letting of flats and detached houses 2.38 monthly rents incl. VAT (landlord's commission).

All commissions are earned and due at the time of the legally effective conclusion of the proven or brokered contract.

The commission is also earned and due if an economically identical or similar transaction is concluded.

The claim to commission shall remain valid if the main contract subsequently fails for reasons which lie solely in the sphere of the Client.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is Bonn, as far as legally permissible.

ABC Immobilien bonn e.K., owner Norvie Arayata, registered in the Bonn Commercial Register HRA 8756, VAT ID No. DE 296092973