Property valuation: Facts matter here instead of rough estimates!

The first big challenge in selling real estate is answering the question: What is my house or flat actually worth? As real estate agents with many years of experience in Bonn, we have seen it all: owners who charge moon prices for their property as well as sellers who ask far too little for their valuable property. We at ABC Immobilien bonn e.K. explain why both are equally fatal. explain to you below.

Valuation free of charge

Failed sale due to excessive asking price

Haus unter einer Lupe

You want to set a high price for your property so that there is room to negotiate downwards? What sounds so logical usually doesn't work in reality. Because: Prospective buyers have usually been looking for their dream property for a long time - especially in a city as sought-after as Bonn.

They know the market prices and know immediately when a seller is asking too much for their house or flat. Instead of picking up the phone and getting more information, they often refrain from making an enquiry altogether. Without enough interested parties, however, the marketing process picks up speed very slowly or ultimately comes to a complete standstill. In the worst case, you will have to offer your property at a much lower price at a later date - and that in turn has a stale aftertaste of "something's not right" for prospective buyers.

Financial loss due to too low price demand

Many owners sell their property below value - simply because they don't know any better. And that's no wonder, because determining the value of a property is a very complex undertaking in which various factors play a role, for example:

  • the type of property
  • the size of the property (living space, usable space, plot)
  • the energy standard
  • the technical equipment

In addition, the property value is influenced to a large extent by the attractiveness of the location as well as by the current situation on the local property market - both factors that a layperson can hardly assess realistically.

Not too high, not too low - but in line with the market!

If you do not want to take any risks when selling your property in Bonn, Sankt Augustin, Siegburg or in one of the other towns in the Bonn area, trust our many years of expertise and let us carry out a professional valuation. We will take a close look at your property, look at prices already achieved for comparable properties and then show you transparently what offer price is realistic and can be achieved within a reasonable period of time.

Make an appointment with ABC Immobilien bonn e.K. today! If you would like to sell your property afterwards, we will start work immediately and ensure a smooth process up to the signing of the contract and handover of the property.