Owners' service

Sale, letting, valuation: professional marketing of your property by ABC Immobilien bonn e.K.

We are passionate about real estate services and our primary goal is to market your property in the best possible way - at a fair market price and within a reasonable period of time. You can find out below what specific services you can expect from ABC Immobilien bonn e.K. as an owner.

Selling real estate: step by step to the goal

When selling your property, you should leave nothing to chance - and this is even more true in a city as sought-after as Bonn. We take care of the entire process from A to Z, so you can sit back, relax and let our experienced team of experts do the work.

Phase 1: Market analysis and property valuation

In order for us to successfully sell your house or flat, we need to get an accurate picture in advance. Living space, plot size, number of rooms, technical equipment and location: we take a look at all the relevant factors to find the right asking price and prepare a precise market analysis that will guide us in our further steps.

Phase 2: Sales preparation

In the pre-sale phase, we handle all organisational measures for you. We obtain the necessary sales documents, for example from the land registry or building authority, and create a professional exposé - with high-quality wide-angle images and optional virtual tours. We are also happy to prepare existing floor plans so that they meet modern standards, or create additional floor plans so that prospective buyers can get as comprehensive a picture of your property as possible.


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Phase 3: Real estate marketing

As soon as the sales preparations are completed, the actual marketing begins. We rely on various building blocks for this. Classic marketing measures play a particularly important role, ranging from advertising your property on the homepage of ABC Immobilien bonn e.K. to placing advertisements on important property portals such as ImmobilienScout24. In addition, we carry out a comparison with our customer file and inform suitable interested parties about the offer. We also offer national advertising and the organisation of open house events as an option.

In addition, our range of services includes the following marketing measures:

  • Marketing via social media (presentation of the property via Facebook and/or Twitter)
  • On-site marketing measures (sales signs, notices in your own shop window or at local property fairs)
  • Direct marketing (neighbourhood advertising, distribution of flyers etc.)

We discuss which measures make the most sense in your case together in a detailed consultation. Only then, when everything has been clarified, do we start working and keep you informed about our activities - for example, about planned viewing appointments.

Would you like individual advice or do you still have questions about our services for owners? Then don't hesitate to contact us at our office in Bonn!

What tasks does the real estate agent perform for me?

The real estate agent takes care of all tasks related to real estate brokerage for you - from the valuation and marketing to accompanying you to the notary appointment and the handover of the property. This means that you have one contact person for all aspects of a promising house and flat sale.

Who bears the costs for the broker?

When selling a house or flat in Bonn, the seller and buyer usually share the brokerage costs. Both parties pay a broker's fee of 3.57% gross (incl. VAT) of the purchase price. The brokerage principle applies to rentals.

How does the estate agent determine the value of my property?

A reputable real estate agent determines the value of your property based on a variety of factors - from the market situation to the location to the condition of the property. For a holistic valuation, a look at the land register is just as necessary as a property inspection.

What documents does the agent need for the sale of my property?

For a competent valuation and marketing of your property, the estate agent needs a variety of documents. They range from an extract from the land register to the energy pass and a list of past renovations, refurbishments and modernisations.

How does the sale of my property proceed?

The estate agent discusses the procedure with you and takes over the entire brokerage process for you. This includes the exposé as well as the advertisement and viewings. If you wish, he will introduce you to the prospective buyers.