Owners' service


We see ourselves as a service provider with a clear mission:
To market your property in the best possible way.

For us, this means brokering your property at the best possible price within the shortest possible period of time - without viewing tourism, without burst notary contracts and without stress.

All activities are discussed with you in advance and we keep you constantly up-to-date in a transparent online overview.

  • Pre-sales phase: organisational measures
    • Obtaining the documents for your property - whether from the land register or building authority
    • Creation of high-quality wide-angle images including post-processing and data preparation
    • Optional: the creation of a high-quality video of your property as a virtual viewing tour
    • Preparation of the existing floor plans, creation of various optional floor plans based on the existing building structure
    • Creation of a high-quality exposé
    • Preparation of an accurate market analysis in order to a) find the right price and b) market the property within the shortest possible period of time.
  • Marketing measures - social media
    • Publication of the property in the selected Facebook circle of friends, as well as optionally on Twitter
    • Optional: post of the virtual sightseeing tour
  • Marketing measures - on site
    • Display in your own shop window
    • Display at the next local property fair
    • Sales sign / Brokerage gallows
  • Marketing activities - classic
    • Publication on our own homepage
    • Comparison with our customer file
      • Sending offers to pre-marked suitable interested parties
      • Serial mailing to a selected target group
    • Use of the excellent contact network
    • Publication of the property on the usual portals such as Immobilienscout
      • Optional: Publication in up to 20 further online exchanges
    • Optional: Regional or, depending on the target group, supraregional advertising
    • Optional: Implementation of marketing measures such as open house or bidding process
  • Direct marketing
    • Optional: flyer distribution in neighbouring districts
    • Optional: Neighbourhood advertising
    • Optional: Post-mailing campaigns
    • Optional: Creation and distribution of high-quality flyers
  • Regular information
    • Exclusive access to the VIP area for clients
    • Regular information on the marketing status of your property through our property tracking system
      • Summary of all marketing-relevant activities
      • History of renting
  • Tours
    • Pre-qualification of the interested parties
    • Coordination of the viewing appointments
    • Professional realisation of the viewing appointments
    • Negotiation between interested party and seller
    • Notary assignment
    • Purchase contract meeting with all parties involved
    • Solvency check
    • Optional: Establishing contact for financing advice
    • Accompanying the handover of the property
    • Preparation of the handover protocol

We look forward to a new challenge with you
and your first contact with us.